Dear Friend,

I am a poet and storyteller who wishes you to feel welcome and at home in my words; at the same time, I seek your support and encouragement.

A selection of my writing and reading can be found here, at:

Among the words that you may find there is a self-description that reads as follows:

I am someone who devotes time, when time there is, to wondering about the world, in words. I try to take note of what I see and of what I hear and of what I taste and sense and feel, and of what I think about all this, by way of reaction. I try, too, to take note of what I have come to know and of what I have yet to learn. I write out these notes in words, in notebooks. And then I read these notebooks almost as musical notation, listening for the harmony … I try to make some sense of my written-out world.

And elsewhere I make the following invitation to friends and readers:

If you would like me to write to you, or for you, or for us to think something through together, using different perspectives, mirrors, and reflections, and perhaps working things out, perhaps not, or if you would like that together we turn out thoughts to someone, and to hold that person dear, or if perhaps you would like to commission a specific text from me, some thoughts, in word, from me, to you, thinking things through, or even if it’s only, even only (never lonely), for us, simply, to find, some time (time), to sit quietly, together, in thought, and presence, then do please write, and do please write, and please write to me, and write to me, write now, at:

My hope is that you yourself will also decide to write to me now, and to share with me your inspiration as to how best to encourage and to develop this, our shared writing life, shared words, shared labour of the imagination, shared adventure of the mind, shared journey, shared day in the sunlight, shared human heart, and shared humanity.

And so I ask you: what is your reaction to these words?

What is your feeling?

Would you like to join other readers in becoming a sponsor, a patron, a fellow traveller, a friend?

Could you help me to cover certain of my basic living costs so as to encourage and allow me to liberate time and resources for further reading, further reflection, and further writing?

Or could we collaborate on a shared project, and work together?

Or are you inspired simply to teach me in some way, and to share with me your knowledge and experience? Or would you prefer that I come to you, to teach, and to learn?

Shall we talk?


Okay, then; that’s excellent.

Thank you.

I am glad that we are now in contact, and look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Until then, I wish you insight, inspiration, and many moments of quiet happiness, and great joy.

All good things to you,
Bede Nix

© Bede Nix, October 2017. All rights reserved.