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If you would like me to write to you, or for you, or for us to think something through together, using different perspectives, mirrors, and reflections, and perhaps working things out, perhaps not, or if you would like that together we turn our thoughts to someone, and to hold that person dear, or if perhaps you would like to commission a specific text from me, some thoughts, in word, from me, to you, thinking things through, or even if it’s only, even only (never lonely), for us, simply, to find, some time (time), to sit quietly, together, in thought, and presence, then do please write, and do please write, and please write to me, and write to me, write now, at:
And I’ll do my best to be here for you. Or there. Or elsewhere. Some place, somewhere.
And I’ll do my best to answer you in some way, or another, as best I can.
And in any case, you may also (soon) find and follow me on:

(Maybe. Maybe not.)


If you appreciate our encounter, here, on these pages, and wish to express that appreciation, and also buy me a little time for future work, please make an online, or offline, donation, small, or large, or contact me directly, at, and patronize me in any way you wish, if you wish, quite simply. I shall be grateful.

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“You know that I am so close behind you
That if you stretch out your hand
I think mine can reach
But now, I just want to wish you a very good journey …
goodbye, old friend.”
(Leonard Cohen)

And see you down the road …
(In love).